Drug Crimes

Redwood City Defense Lawyers for Drug Offenses

At the Redwood City law firm of Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, we know that many people facing drug-related charges are good people who have made mistakes and who need help overcoming addiction and other problems. Too frequently, drug offenders face penalties that far outweigh the true effect of the alleged drug crime itself, especially since there is frequently no "victim" other than the user him or herself.

We are here to help. Our attorneys defend adults and juveniles law facing charges related to a wide range of drug crimes. These include possession, sale, intent to distribute, drug trafficking, transportation, cultivation or manufacturing controlled substances such as:

  • Marijuana or hashish
  • Powder or crack cocaine
  • Heroin, opium and opiates like Morphine
  • Methamphetamine (meth)
  • "Club drugs" like Ecstasy, PCP and LSD
  • Prescription drugs including Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax, Valium, Ritalin and others

Building a Strong Defense · Keeping Your Options Open

Once you contact us for a initial consultation, Ahmed & Sukaram provides aggressive and resourceful criminal defense. In addition to building a strong defense on your behalf, we actively pursue any relevant diversion programs under Penal Code 1000 (Deferred Entry of Judgment) or Proposition 36. Such alternatives help our clients get the addiction-related treatment or other help they need and, just as importantly, keep drug crimes convictions off their records.

We understand that drug offenders are often stopped and searched in ways that violate their constitutional rights. We are committed to keeping current on the swiftly changing laws relating to search and seizure, and we conduct an in-depth analysis of each drug crimes case to seek out constitutional violations of search and seizure requirements that may knock down the entire case against you. You need Ahmed & Sukaram because if there was a violation of your constitutional rights we will spot the violation and use it to your every advantage.

Putting Scientific Testimony to Work for Our Clients in Drug Crimes Cases

Our lawyers have both the legal and scientific knowledge necessary to challenge the methods used to collect and process evidence against you. For example, it is possible to challenge the techniques used to define the quantity of narcotics seized, analyze the laboratory results and to dispute the arresting officer's qualifications. At Ahmed & Sukaram, we regularly work with the respected scientific experts to further our clients' defense. Because we spend the time needed to learn the science in your case, we can present your case clearly and intelligently to the judge or jury.

Contact Ahmed & Sukaram

To meet with a lawyer who will go the distance to get the best possible outcome in your drug case, contact us today. Should the trial court incorrectly rule against you, we will pursue a writ or appeal to a higher court to seek the correct ruling.