San Mateo County Criminal Defense

Experience and Knowledge: Redwood City and South San Francisco DUI Attorneys

The practicalities of criminal defense work vary depending on where the defense lawyer practices. This is true even within a large urban metropolis like the San Francisco Bay Area. San Mateo criminal defense lawyer and a Santa Clara County criminal defense attorneys know there is a big difference in how criminal prosecutions are conducted in each area. San Mateo County criminal courts have unique rules and procedures, and there are also subtle nuances that make criminal defense practice different from a criminal defense practice in other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.

At the criminal defense law firm of Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, we practice criminal defense law in courts throughout the Bay Area. We handle the defense of DWI charges, drug crimes, domestic violence, sex offenses and other criminal matters.

You can't necessarily choose the criminal court in which you will be prosecuted, but you can choose a criminal defense attorney who understands the unique aspects of practice in San Mateo County.

Through our weekly experiences in felony and misdemeanor courts, our attorneys have developed a deep understanding of the differences among the various counties' criminal courts. Knowing the nuances between the counties helps our lawyers build effective defenses based on each client's specific circumstances. Contact our San Mateo criminal defense lawyers for a consultation.

San Mateo County Criminal Defense: Sentencing and Jury Pools

Our Redwood City and Burlingame DUI lawyers have observed that, in some ways, San Mateo County is one of the harshest counties in the Bay Area in terms of sentencing criminal defendants. For example, San Mateo County courts have historically had a less tolerant attitude toward using alternative sentencing with domestic violence offenders and petty theft offenders than other counties, such as, Santa Clara or San Francisco.

Conversely, San Mateo County has historically been less punitive in sentencing first-time DUI offenders than other counties, including neighboring Santa Clara County. You deserve a San Mateo County criminal defense lawyer who knows how to effectively navigate San Mateo County courts to help keep clients out of jail.

Knowing your jury pool is also an important task if you want to have success in trial. San Mateo County has a mix of high-income and lower-income residents, as well as a mix of urban and rural communities, which makes jury selection a complex task in criminal cases. Working with a trial lawyer, such as, Nafiz M. Ahmed, who has extensive experience with jury pools in San Mateo County can affect your trial strategy and help your defense.

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At Ahmed & Sukaram, our attorneys will personally handle your case from the beginning through the end. We emphasize the importance of open and frequent communication with our clients, which means we promptly return phone calls and e-mails to keep the lines of communication open. We can offer legal services in Spanish and other languages, as well.

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San Mateo County Criminal Court Locations

The Northern Branch hears traffic violations and criminal matters.

1050 Mission Road
South San Francisco, CA 94080

The Central Branch hears traffic violations and criminal trials.

800 North Humboldt Street
San Mateo, CA, 94401

The Southern Branch hears criminal matters.

Hall of Justice and Records
400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063

The Southern Branch Annex hears traffic violations.

500 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063

The Juvenile Branch handles juvenile delinquency cases, dependency hearings and traffic violation hearings.

222 Paul Scannell Drive
San Mateo, CA 94402

San Mateo County Detention Centers and Jails

In addition to Maguire and the Women's Correctional Center, San Mateo processes arrests at First Chance North in South San Francisco and at First Chance South in San Carlos. Addresses of those facilities are not public information.

Maguire Correctional Facility
300 Bradford St.
Redwood City, CA 94063 San Mateo County Women's Correctional Center Jail
1590 Maple Street
Redwood City, CA

San Mateo County ("Hillcrest") Juvenile Hall
21 Tower Road
San Mateo, CA 94402