Criminal Convictions Can Be Appealed

As dedicated students of the law and the history of U.S. court proceedings, our attorneys certainly know that no system is perfect. If you have been the victim of an unfair domestic violence or civil harassment restraining order, trial, verdict, or ineffective legal representation, you may need to contact a lawyer prepared to pursue your right to appeal the restraining order or criminal conviction.

Acceptance of Injustice in Court Is Not the Only Option

Unjust laws and unfair systems must be challenged if they are ever going to change. This principle represents part of our quest at Ahmed & Sukaram, even when it requires a challenging appeal to a higher state or federal court, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Your right to appeal your criminal or juvenile law conviction is sacred, and we can evaluate your likelihood of success and help you exercise that right.

Petitioning for Writs: Necessary Actions To Get Justice in Your Case

Your attorney's knowledge of legal and judicial procedures can be critical before you ever go to trial or well before a trial reaches its conclusion. We will know when to petition for a writ, which may be a judicial or court order requiring someone involved with the case to provide evidence - or may be necessary to ensure fairness in some other aspect of your case.

In any case we handle, we are prepared to go the distance to protect and exercise your rights. We understand the law and the procedures in place for attempting to shape or overturn an outcome affected by:

  • Mistakes or misconduct by a judge, prosecutor or other court official, or
  • Ineffective counsel and representation by your original criminal defense lawyer, which may amount to legal malpractice

"It is the right of every person to enjoy the use of public streets, buildings, parks, and other conveniences without unwarranted interference or harassment by agents of the law. A police officer may not use the authority of his uniform and badge to go around promiscuously bothering citizens." -- California Supreme Court.

We are attorneys because we believe in the pursuit of justice. If you want an attorney who will fight for you at every turn, from every angle, please contact us at Ahmed & Sukaram for a consultation.