Protect Your Child's Future

Not every defense lawyer handles juvenile crime cases. Some may work to minimize immediate consequences but not focus on your child's long-term best interest. For understanding and real dedication to the well-being of your family, we encourage you to contact Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law.

A Redwood City, California, Juvenile Defense Attorney Who Truly Cares

Having a child get in trouble with the law is a nightmare for parents and guardians. If the charges appear very serious, you may fear that everything you want for your child is in grave danger. Even lesser juvenile crime charges or problems in school may represent a pivotal point in his or her future.

Giving kids the opportunity to make better choices and lead better lives is the passion of attorney Shari Sukaram's working life. Her belief in the importance of strong, caring representation in juvenile delinquency cases and school expulsion/suspension hearings is rooted in what she has observed throughout her own life and legal experience.

Ms. Sukaram is a trained mediator who meets with juvenile offenders and their parents/guardians, communicating effectively with each and arriving at an approach in the best interests of everyone involved.

Aggressive Defense for Any Charges, Plus a View of the Bigger Picture

Our attorneys are devoted to zealous advocacy for juveniles charged with offenses such as:

  • Underage drinking, minor in possession, and other alcohol and drug-related crimes, including DUI
  • Property crimes including graffiti and other types of vandalism
  • Felony petitions including those for sex offenses, various types of theft or burglary, violent crimes or unlawful weapons possession
  • A full range of other felonies, misdemeanors and traffic matters

We are skilled in uncovering false accusations, rights violations and other factors when a juvenile has been unjustly charged. Equally important, we know how best to approach a case when a juvenile's mistakes and problems are real. This includes negotiating for diversion programs and helping you find resources to help with:

  • Teen alcohol or drug abuse
  • Prevention of continued gang association or other destructive social behavior
  • Mental health problems or behaviors that require professional counseling

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We speak your language, not "legalese," recognizing that it is critical for you to understand the benefits and risks of any decision you make in a juvenile crime case. Whatever your background, circumstances and language needs, please contact us today for a consultation.