California Lawyer For Students Facing School Expulsion

Many parents and guardians of children facing school expulsion or suspension are truly dismayed, but do not know where to turn for help. Many do not even consider speaking with an attorney, even though the final outcome can be a turning point - for better or worse - in the student's life and future.

Educational law is a unique and specialized field not ventured into by many lawyers in the San Mateo-Santa Clara County area. However, Redwood City, California-based attorney Shari Sukaram makes school expulsion and suspension defense a priority. For valuable legal counsel that can make a real difference, please contact us today. Ms. Sukaram provides a initial consultation.

School Systems Move Quickly. Are You Prepared To Fight or Accept Consequences?

If a juvenile you care about is facing suspension or expulsion, and you believe this action is unjust or you simply want another chance, your first priority must be to make sure there will be a hearing. If you are unsure of deadlines you must meet, act fast to find out - and please call us at 866-477-0965 if you need help obtaining or understanding this information.

Some factors you may want to consider in determining whether you should talk to a lawyer include:

  • California students may be expelled from an entire school district, creating major challenges for continued education, transportation and emotional adjustment.
  • "Zero tolerance" policies have led many schools and districts to suspend or expel students on questionable grounds, believing these decisions will not be challenged.
  • At an administrative hearing on school expulsion/suspension, the student does not have the same constitutional rights he or she would in a court of law.
  • The school district consults its attorneys on all such sensitive matters, yet students and parents often have no benefit of counsel to help make their case.
  • You will have only 30 days to appeal the decision to expel your child.

Our Goal: Keeping Your Child in School

Disruption of a child's education should not be taken lightly. At Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, we understand the stress that an expulsion/suspension can have on parents and the rest of the family. From our experience in juvenile law matters, we also know that "problem child" labels lead many kids to get into even more serious trouble down the road.

We want to help, whether that means offering you basic counsel or helping you navigate each step of a very complex appeals process. Please contact us today for a consultation focused on what we may be able to accomplish in your case.