DUI Discovery

Unique DUI Discovery Tactics

Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, practices DUI defense differently from many other firms in the San Francisco Bay area. Our unique process to discover the truth behind DUI arrests has been successful for our clients over the years.

"Discovery" is the legal term used to describe the formal rules under which lawyers for the prosecution and the defense must reveal evidence - including reports and other documents - to one another. Our success using unique discovery tactics in DUI cases has brought our law firm national attention. In fact, one of the nation's largest legal publishers recently asked firm founder Nafiz M. Ahmed to contribute to its widely distributed treatise on DUI defense.

Getting to the Truth

At the heart of our DUI discovery techniques is our opinion that it is a losing proposition to play the DUI defense game by the prosecution's rules. Ideally, the district attorney's office would prefer that defense lawyers to only use those records the police turn over after the arrest. Even though these records can be voluminous, they often reveal very little useful information. They typically show such generic things like that the breath test machine was working properly, the blood alcohol test was valid, the blood draw was untainted, etc.

We believe that getting to the truth requires us to go farther than the immediately available records. We conduct independent DUI discovery, getting access to records and information concerning the accuracy of the Draeger Alcotest 7100 MK III-C machine itself, the defendant's breath test, the police officer's training and service record, as well as, other invaluable information. These records - which many DUI defense lawyers do not even think to ask for - could possibly show that the breath test was different than the officer reported, the breath test machine malfunctioned, was in disrepair, or was operated by an untrained officer. This evidence can be crucial in the fight towards securing a dismissal or winning a not-guilty verdict.

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You deserve a strong and energetic defense if you have been arrested for drunk driving or another crime. Especially in charges involving multiple DUI offenses or felony DUI, you need a lawyer who will pull out all the stops to build the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

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