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The basic principles involved in mounting a successful defense to DUI charges are similar regardless of whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. Your attorney should visit the scene, conduct extensive discovery of government records, interview witnesses and prepare the case for trial even if a plea bargain is the ultimate goal.

There are some important differences between misdemeanor and felony DUI cases, though. These include:

  • Significant differences in possible penalties; felony DUI convictions carry more serious penalties than misdemeanors. You need an attorney who not only shows unwavering dedication to proving your case but also has in-depth knowledge of California's DUI laws.
  • Felony DUI cases are more likely to go to trial; the risk of negative consequences is much greater, so these cases are more aggressively fought. Your attorney should prepare the case as if it will proceed to trial before a jury, thus giving you the best chance of a not-guilty verdict.
  • The likelihood that the sentence will be served in a California state prison instead of a county jail
  • The possibility of an additional charge of vehicular manslaughter or vehicular homicide where there was a death in conjunction with the drunk driving

Experienced San Mateo County DUI Defense Lawyers

At the Redwood City, California, criminal defense law firm of Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers have proven success defending clients charged with DUI-related crimes. We are available to handle all types of felony DUI cases - including cases charging that an accident was caused by a DUI and felony DUI charges based on multiple prior offenses.

Founding partner Nafiz M. Ahmed has gained national recognition for his pioneering work in the area of DUI discovery. Mr. Ahmed has extensive experience using his unique tactics of demanding production of breath and blood test reports from the government to argue successfully for dismissal of charges or acquittal.

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Our attorneys take our job as criminal defense lawyers very seriously. We are here to protect your constitutional rights and will use every legal skill at our disposal to negate the consequences from a DUI arrest.

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