Second & Third DUI Defense

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If you already have a DUI record and get arrested on another DUI-related charge, the stakes rise dramatically. Multiple misdemeanor offenses within 10 years can result in jail time ranging from 10 to 60 days for a second offense and between four months to a year for a third DUI offense.

Nafiz M. Ahmed is a nationally recognized DUI defense lawyer and author of "The Examination of Prosecution and Defense Witnesses." Our experienced team knows that your freedom is at stake if you are a repeat DUI offender, and your driving privileges are threatened as well. The period of time your driver's license will be suspended or revoked lengthens dramatically with each subsequent conviction. Contact our drunk driving defense lawyers for a free consultation.

Second and Third Offense Guidance From DUI Attorneys

Multiple DUI offenders generally are ordered to pay and install an ignition interlock device on every vehicle they own or operate for up to three years following their DUI offense. With consequences as serious as these, if you have a prior DUI record and are now facing an additional charge, you need an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney - you need Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law.

You Deserve Smart and Experienced DUI Defense

We can take several steps to help protect your driving privileges, your criminal record and your freedom. These include:

  • Challenging previous DUI convictions or guilty pleas, arguing that they should not count as prior convictions
  • Appearing on your behalf at the arraignment (the first court appearance after the arrest); if you appear without a lawyer at your arraignment, you run the risk of being taken into custody and forced to either make bail or defend yourself from jail
  • Representing you at all subsequent hearings, preventing you from getting a "failure to appear" notice, which will be followed by a bench warrant for your arrest; this is particularly helpful if you received the DUI while traveling through the San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Alameda or Santa Clara areas and are not a resident
  • Representing you at the Department of Motor Vehicles' administrative per se hearing

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