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Do you need to cut back on drinking?

Your recent DUI in California was not your first. Rather than pay the ticket (again) along with any fines and take the necessary classes, you may want to sit down and ask yourself if it is time to change your life. Specifically, your drinking habits.

Huffington Post offers suggestions on reducing your alcohol intake. See if any could help you avoid another DUI in the future and improve your life in other ways.

Get to the root cause

Is there a specific reason that you not only drink, but that you also drive drunk? Could it be that stress drives you to drink? Do you have trouble gauging how intoxicated you are and feel you can drive? Is it the people you hang out with that make you feel that you have to drink more than you want? Be honest with yourself when getting to the meat of the matter.

Realize that life may change

When/If you decide to stop drinking as much, you can expect your life to shift. For instance, your daily routine, your group of friends and your mood may all change. Find healthy coping mechanisms for each shift to make positive changes to your behavior rather than leave a gap for bad habits to fill.

Consider seeing a therapist 

Depending on the main reason for your drinking, you may need to reach out to a professional to help you make sense of this particular aspect of your life. There is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist. In fact, doing so could make the transition easier and more productive.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.