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Drug addiction may contribute to crime

Most people might assume that if a doctor recommends that they take a certain medication that it would be safe to do so. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Over the last few years, people around the nation have begun to realize the potential negative implications associated with some prescription drug use. Several types of medications have now been identified as highly addictive, opening the door to a slew of problems for people prescribed to take them.

Drug use disorder changes brain function

As explained by Healthline, a drug addiction is one factor in a drug use disorder. People with this disorder literally have their brain functioning altered due to the use of the drugs. Once a drug use disorder takes over, a person’s behavior and thinking may be quite different than what would be normal for them. Drug problems may fuel other problems in their interpersonal relationships and may even contribute to their participation in illegal acts to feed their drug addiction.

Most addictive prescription drugs

WebMD indicates that three classifications of prescription medications may be among those most highly addictive. These include drugs designed to help a person be more alert or have more energy, called stimulants. People with attention issues or depression may take these drugs. On the flip side, drugs designed to provide greater calm for people, known as depressants, may also be addictive. People with sleep problems or anxiety may take these drugs.

Pain control medications in the opioid family have also been identified as key contributors to severe drug addictions. They have also been linked to several deaths.