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Obtaining Justice
For The Accused

At Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, we have been saving clients from jail, years in prison, excessive fines and wrongful convictions since 2005.

Obtaining Justice
For The Accused

At Ahmed & Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, we have been saving clients from jail, years in prison, excessive fines and wrongful convictions since 2005.

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Ahmed and Sukaram, Attorneys at Law, is now beginning to post client testimonials. Below are some recent testimonials. We hope that your testimonial will be next.


I was arrested in late 2010. Suspicion of DUI. Next thing you know, my mail box is overflowing with solicitations from law offices. Obviously, I’m uncertain of what’s next.

Being an avid Internet user, I took to the web and searched for California law, DMV policy and everything that I thought I should be aware of.

Which brings me to legal representation. I found no less than a dozen sites that essentially tried to scare me into getting representation impulsively. “You might be in a great deal of trouble!” type wording. Well, no crap, right?

So I found Ahmed and Sukaram’s website and what I liked about it besides the informational aspect was that it lacked any obvious ploys to manipulate people that are potentially facing criminal prosecution into retaining their services without properly researching what’s best for them. In specific, I found their web site’s information on DUI defense helpful and direct.

Nafiz was pretty easy to get a hold of and gave me some good superficial, general, and semi-specific advice over the phone. He was up front about his rates. His rates were around upper side if not slightly above average of what I was finding elsewhere. It’s not a discount shop, but I’m completely happy with having retained his services. He informed me of the process that I was looking at undergoing as well as the dozen potential outcomes leading up to the hearing, the pre-trial conference and what a trial might be like.

Although his firm does not specialize in only DUI cases, Ahmed came across as very well versed on this type of case. After retaining Ahmed I still continued to research the full extent of my legal options. I made myself aware of the more pre-eminent attorneys in this state that specialize in DUI cases and I decided to stick things out with Nafiz because I felt that I was in good hands.

Interpersonally, he was really easy to get along with. I’m in my early 30s and himself, being a younger attorney, I was able to have a pretty quick and comfortable rapport with him. This was somewhat helpful to ease my mind when facing so many variables and unknowns.

Due to the specific details of my situation and very much with Ahmed’s help, I was able to keep my license without interruption and my record is clean. It did not go to trial.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks to Nafiz a very minor hit and run did not escalate into a more problematic situation.

The police and DA in Palo Alto were extremely slight in issuing a warrant without any courtesy notice with the hope to initiate an arrest and possibly create a situation for something where they did not have a case.

I was extremely lucky to hire Nafiz to monitor the situation, reacting very quickly as soon as he saw the warrant to defuse the situation, getting audience with a judge to remove warrant without arrest.

In the end the DA dropped a possible misdemeanor into an infraction, thanks to Nafiz prompt action and aggressive defense.


Nafis Ahmed is a very intellectual Criminal Defense Lawyer, he has been very helpful since day one until the end. I want to thank Mr. Ahmed for the excellent work he did on my case. He has made me feel like a normal citizen once again. He is excellent in what he does, I would not choose any other lawyer over Mr. Ahmed. HE IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! Thanks again, Mr. Ahmed.


I am thankful with Nafiz Ahmed, because helped me demonstrate my innocence. Mr. Ahmed is an intelligent, professional, organized and excellent Criminal Defense Lawyer. We went to trial for two charges against me, Theft and Commercial Burglary. During the Trial he defended me very well. He knows how conduct his opening and closing statements at a trial which are some of the most important factors of a Trial. He takes his cases very seriously and knows what he is dealing with. He won’t try to steal your money, because that is not his objective. In the contrary, he is very passionate on his job and likes to help people. In my case I think it was kind of hard to demonstrate my innocence but he did great and convinced the Jury to give me a “not guilty” verdict on both charges. This event of going to Trial made a huge impact on my life. I thought I will never recover from this, but now that I don’t have any charges in my record I can keep going with my life and education thanks to him. Mr. Ahmed became a role model to … because helped me demonstrate my innocence. Mr. Ahmed is an intelligent, professional, organized and excellent Criminal Defense Lawyer. We went to trial for two charges against me, Theft and Commercial Burglary. During the Trial he defended me very well. He knows how conduct his opening and closing statements at a trial which are some of the most important factors of a Trial. He takes his cases very seriously and knows what he is dealing with. He won’t try to steal your money, because that is not his objective. In the contrary, he is very passionate on his job and likes to help people. In my case I think it was kind of hard to demonstrate my innocence but he did great and convinced the Jury to give me a “not guilty” verdict on both charges. This event of going to Trial made a huge impact on my life. I thought I will never recover from this, but now that I don’t have any charges in my record I can keep going with my life and education thanks to him. Mr. Ahmed became a role model to follow, for me, because one day I want to become a criminal Lawyer as well and he showed me that justice does exist and everything can be possible in life. I highly recommend Nafiz Ahmed for anyone who is in problems with justice, because I am sure that he will demonstrate your innocence just as he did with me. Thanks.


This is an efficient lawyer who helped me out through my case in getting a positive outcome in the end. i would gladly recommend this lawyer to anyone who is involved in any case from minor to major.


Nafiz is very knowledgeable and responsive. He answered all my questions and gave me valuable advice. I thank him very much for his expertise.


Nafiz did a fantastic job, he took my case immediately, always responded to my questions in a very timely manner, he walked me through all the steps that I was going through. I couldn’t have had a better experience


I was shopping for a lawyer after my DV arrest. I searched endlessly online and by luck I saw Nafiz Ahmed’s website. I read his profile and was impressed by his achievements and biography. He was a local bay area, Californian who was a part of the JV and Varsity football team and was also the captain of the Varsity wrestling team in Burlingame High School. He then went on to UC Davis and Santa Clara University to pursue his law credentials where he achieved many other accomplishments. Even though he was young, I took a chance due to his proven track record and great background. I was very well impressed when meeting him in person. He was genuinely concerned with my case and listened to my whole issue during the initial consultation. He never spoke anything about his costs and payment until I brought it up with him, which I felt was very polite and the opposite of what I got from other attorneys I interviewed. He let me pay for his services on my own financial conditions and throughout my case never mentioned anything about payment. Nafiz is very aggressive in fighting for what you want and doesn’t settle for anything less if possible. He actually cares, and isn’t just another sleeze ball attorney collecting a check. He brought my DV charges down to a public disturbance misdemeanor whereas most defendants get a DV dropped to battery charges. (Important if you own or plan to handle firearms). I recommend Nafiz as he is passionate about his work, and is very professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney, and he has completely changed my mind about my prejudice toward lawyers aka “liars” hahaha.


Mr. Ahmed was recommended to us by a friend. We were in need of legal representation for our son. The unknown – our legal system can be very frightening. He listened to the situation and gave our son very good advice. Through all of this, he kept my husband and I informed of the situation and put our minds at ease as he waded through our sons several legal problems.


My family & I highly recommend Nafiz Ahmed as a defense Attorney. The Ahmed and Sukaram law firm from my personal experience is an incredible safeguard against the injustice of being tangled in the legal system. He was very aggressive and thorough in preparing my case into succession throughout a very unsure and devastating situation. They were very reassuring and positive from beginning to end. I would use this Attorney and Law Firm any day. My family and myself are very thankful to have found them.


I had never been in any legal trouble in my life so I was very scared when I found out I was facing criminal charges. Nafiz was very comforting and I always felt like I had a champion in my corner. I was facing jail time and in seven hours, Nafiz was able to convince the DA and Judge to dismiss the case completely. I never even saw the inside of a courtroom. I would rather have Nafiz try a case for me than Robert Shapiro and that is no joke. He is tenacious, responsive, and he genuinely cares about his client’s cases. I hope I never need to use Nafiz again but if I ever need a lawyer, it will be a no-brainer.


Once again our family needed the assistance of Shari Sukaram.
She immediately returned my phone call and emails and answered all my questions and really took care of our needs. I truly believe she goes above and beyond for her clients and I feel that we are in very good hands! She has really been there for us through some difficult times and I recommend Shari to anyone who needs an attorney.


My recent experience with Mr. Ahmed proved to be very helpful. He displayed a vested interest in my needs, provided accurate recommendations, was supportive and available when I needed him. I found him to be very professional and would recommend him to anybody.


She’s the best. Your case will be solved and good if she’s your lawyer. Thank you so much for your help!


Mr Ahmed recently defended me against the California DA’s office who charged me with 9 counts of criminal terrorist threats. Mr Ahmed listened to my side of the story sympathetically and then diligently mounted a vigorous defense. He kept me informed at all stages of the proceedings, day and night, via phone and email. He also answered my questions on legal matters promptly and took great care to simplify technical details of the law.
On the first day of the trail, thanks to Mr Ahmed’s efforts, the DA gave up and the judge, who acknowledged how well I had chosen my legal representation, dismissed the case.
Had Mr Ahmed not worked so tirelessly on my behalf to get these spurious charges dismissed I was facing possible trouble with my immigration status as well as the vagaries of California’s correction system.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for excellent legal representation.


We had a great experience with Nafiz Ahmed. He handled my felony and misdemeanor juvenile theft case with great professionalism and enthusiasm. He is very straightforward as he gave us the best and worst case scenario possible and helped us prepare for both, and in the end the charges were completely dismissed! He responded to emails and phone calls promptly and provided us with a wealth of information to ease any worries we had for our case. We are so thankful to have worked with Nafiz and highly recommend him to anyone who needs any type of legal counsel.


Outstanding service and abilities. Mr. Ahmed knows sections of the law that brought our case to the very best possible outcome. Provided solid research and background which turned our case around and created a positive outcome. Also very responsible and kept in regular communications during a lengthy period of time. Made himself available 24/7. Very professional, highly respected and highly recommended.


Mr. Ahmed recently represented me in a case that involved a motor vehicle accident. Mr. Ahmed was referred to my by a friend and I am very glad that she knew of Mr Ahmed and his expertise with the justice system. Mrf.Ahmed is a top not professional in his field of work and I would highly recommend him should anyone ever need attorney services. Thanks to Mr. Ahmed, my case was dismissed. He worked very diligently to ensure that I was always informed, he always returned my calls and made me feel confident during a very challenging time in my life. Thank you


I highly recommend Nafiz Ahmed.

My child is a Special Education student qualifying for special accommodations via an Individual Education Plan (IEP). My child recently had an incident that could have resulted in expulsion from high school. Because of the Special Education status, the school district was required to conduct a Manifestation Determination Hearing before expulsion could be considered as a possible consequence.

I was given little information by the school and/or district office about the upcoming meetings and hearings. After conducting some research on the internet to understand what the upcoming events were, our role and rights and the potential implications of the outcome, I quickly realized I needed legal help.

Now, with less than a week, I needed to find a competent lawyer that was willing to take on my case with very little time to prep, whose schedule would accommodate the school hearing with short notice and that I could afford. I thought I was doomed.

Well, I found Nafiz. I got all the information I had to him on Friday and the hearing was the following Monday afternoon. Nafiz was well prepared; we even had time to consult before the hearing began. Oh… and did I mention that I didn’t have to take out a 2nd mortgage on my home for his representation.

By Friday, the school district had gotten back to Nafiz to let him know that they were going to drop the expulsions proceedings and had found placement within the district at a comprehensive high school that could better accommodate for my child’s special needs while allowing to my child to enroll in 5 mainstream classes and only 1 Special Education class.

We are not out of the woods yet…Due to the nature of the incident, my child may face criminal charges (even though the school district did not pursue). If this comes to fruition, I will have Nafiz represent my child. Nafiz has experience with juvenile criminal law and has already laid the ground work to win!

Thank you Nafiz



Basically Mr Ahmed gets it done!


Mr. Ahmed helped me greatly on my case and was able to get all of the charges dropped so that nothing showed up on my record. I would highly recommend him as he was the best priced lawyer I could find but still very helpful and explained everything.


Nafiz Ahmed,

I would like to thank you for representing me in my case. The support that I received from you was just short of a personal relationship. I have to tell you that I was quite worried about the outcome of my case. I am glad I had your guidance to make the right decisions and keeping me from harms way.

Nafiz you once told me that I should have some faith in the system and truthfully I am still not sure about that. But I do know you believe in the system and I believe in you.

Nafiz you have many years to come to help people and I hope they find you as I did. I wish you the best of luck for your future, your family.

Thank you sincerely,


After being detained for a drunk in public that turned into a character assassination nightmare I was overwhelmed with trying to receive credentials that were taken from me. Mr. Ahmed not only had total control of my personal legal issue but was already prepared to go to court before that issue was presented. Mr. Ahmed can deal with occupational issues such as peace officer employment and disciplinary actions that could go public, heading those issues off before they can materialize at the most lowest level of judicial concern. Mr. Ahmed is an excellent attorney with proven knowledge and tactful skill.


After I was charged with a high level misdemeanor, first thing was calling lawyers. The 3 I talked to barely heard my story and jumped right to the fee talk. When I went to see Nafiz he was very warm, heard me, didn’t rush, asked questions, he made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions, and helped me out with my budget working on a payment plan. When I left his office I felt a huge load had been taken off of me. He kept me informed of the progress almost every week or two. The case was dropped to an infraction without going to trial. I couldn’t be happier! Unfortunately I got a DUI just months ago. I didn’t hesitate to call him and get him involved. I am certain that he will handle this case just as well, and really do everything he can for me.


When I recently became entangled in an unfortunate legal situation, I knew that I would need to secure diligent counsel. Upon independent research, and after hearing many earnest endorsements I contacted Mr. Ahmed. From my first contact with Mr. Ahmed to my last he has been highly empathetic, leading me (the client) to actually feel as if my attorney had a genuine interest in my situation. Mr. Ahmed did not cower to the powerful and vastly successful San Mateo DA, he protected my rights and ensured that due process was upheld. He has negotiated with obviously skill while keeping his clients interest firmly in his sights. Mr. Ahmed has been very pragmatic throughout the process which is quite refreshing, in fact at multiple junctures throughout my experience I was thrilled to find out that certain outcomes were better than what Mr. Ahmed had prepared me for. I strongly recommend Mr. Ahmed if you should ever find your self in need of responsive, relentless and efficient counsel.


Compassionate, Smart, Kind, Helpful, Courteous and Respectful
Ms. Sukaram answered all our questions, gave us options, listened to our concerns, and we feel she is truly passionate about her work. She responded to emails very quickly and if we every need an attorney we will definitely call her.



I had a traffic ticket that I wanted to fight because I was not eligible for traffic school and it would have been a point on my license. Nafiz was extremely helpful, discovered that the cop sited me under the wrong code, attended court on my behalf and got my case dismissed. I didn’t have to do a thing. I would definitely recommend Nafiz to friends and family.

I received a ticket in Palo Alto for a driving infraction I do not believe I committed. As I live in Los Angeles, I was unwilling and unable to return to Redwood City to appear. I found Nafiz through his website, and he began working on my case as soon as I contacted him. His service was very thoughtful and personal, as well as being extremely efficient. He accepted my photos of the scene that I believed could be helpful, and even visited the location personally to better understand the case. He appeared on my behalf and got a better result in court than I was expecting or that I even knew was possible. I’ve never dealt with a lawyer who was more genuine and dedicated than Nafiz, and I greatly appreciate that.


“After my second traffic violation I started interviewing several attorneys plus an on-line service to determine the best approach to fight my ticket, Nafiz Ahmed got back to me the same day and he was about one third the price of other quotes, but better yet he stated up front exactly what he would do in simple to understand terms, and I would not have to show up in court. I liked his approach and integrity. My case was dismissed, I got my bail back, and with no record on my DMV, I will save on future insurance premiums.”

J. T. of Los Altos

This guy is awesome. He’s an excellent communicator, sets accurate expectations regarding possible outcomes and timelines. He also was quite fast – we resolved my issue inside of ONE WEEK. I rated him as “Excellent” which is nearly impossible in my book, but he earned it. It was a pleasure working with him and I will do so again without question.


I was completely satisfied with the services I received from Nafiz Ahmed. His knowledge and professional attitude made for a perfect experience. Nafiz kept me informed throughout the entire process and was able to get me the best outcome possible. I would definitely recommend Nafiz to my colleagues and I will contract his services again if needed in the future.


Nafiz offered great service since day one. He is definitely a very professional, understanding, hardworking and knowledgeable lawyer. He always keep me informed in every step of the way and never failed to return my call if I have something that needs to be clarified. The whole case was so depressing but Nafiz didn’t give up and he also encouraged me to do the same and it resulted into a very well resolved case in my favor. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you Nafiz!

San Mateo, CA


Mr. Ahmed was very knowledgeable to my case. He always had time to answer my concerns and he is very friendly as well. I would recommend him to anyone, anywhere.



Nafiz is a great lawyer that works hard and takes great care to explain the consequences and benefits of all decisions. He is always available and trustworthy. Nafiz got all of my charges expunged. He is a high quality lawyer that is always dressed in a suit, very professional.

John S.


Shari Sukaram is a trustworthy and a super knowledgeable attorney who I would recommend to everyone. She is a perfect young beautiful person who knows what she is doing. She was my attorney and I am so deeply satisfied for what was my result at the end of the court day. She is so responsible on her duties and takes steps which is so amazing. Personally I would recommend her, all the best Shari . . . Thanks for everything again.


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